Quality management

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Your goods are in our hands from start to finish. Our bar of quality standards is high. To meet this, we have reliable partners on site to test the items to give you perfect results!

Quality is important to us, therefore we have an extensive quality management, this starts with the selection of our partners. We know all our suppliers personally and meet them at least once a year. Trust in our suppliers is the fundamental basis. Despite our professional and reliable partners, we do not miss the opportunity to carry out audits of factories and production lines ourselves. Quality is when the customers come back, not the goods!

Production control

In addition, we have partners in the Far East who are dedicated to quality control before, during and after production. Thus we have the possibilities to adjust the product safety law exactly to the respective article before a production and to have the product tested thereupon. SGS takes over these tasks for us, among others, as well as the testing during production and after completion of production, according to our specifications. We are guided by the test criteria according to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits) table.

Material processing

Another partner who supports us in the point of quality assurance is the company Eurofins. These test the material and the chemical compositions in the laboratories on site. Thus we are sure with each article that this fulfills the German standards and can be brought harmlessly into circulation.

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