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In addition to holistic conception and competent specialist consulting, we offer reliable support in the smooth handling of promotional product projects as a third of our service features. If desired, we can implement all steps along the supply chain without any gaps: from sourcing and purchasing to finishing, storage and delivery. This allows our customers to outsource individual or all components of the overall process and concentrate on their day-to-day business.


Procuring promotional items is traditionally part of our core business. Where do you get the desired article, in the desired quality or at the tight delivery date? And at the best price, too? Thanks to decades of industry knowledge and trusting cooperation with over 70 regular suppliers and access to other promotional products manufacturers worldwide, we can procure even the rarest promotional item for you.


In any promotional products project, it is important that the goods are available on time. So that you can pursue your main activity, we take care of monitoring delivery dates, just-in-time deliveries directly to the event location, as well as the complete timing of the project. This guarantees that the give-aways used are available to the promotion teams on time, or that your mailing reaches your customer on time for the product launch.


As complete solutions for promotional product assortments, we also offer you the option of a webshop. Let your employees order promotional items online themselves. Demand-oriented and direct. With connection to your company software you have the possibility to access the stock at any time, to create sales statistics to determine the future demand, to assign orders to individual cost centers and or to determine the assignment of access rights exactly. We are happy to take over the maintenance and administration of your webshop on request, so that you can concentrate on your core business.


On request, we ship your goods to branches or customers throughout Germany, Europe and the world. We offer every kind of commissioning: from wrapping service (gift wrap) for Christmas or company anniversary, to packaging of gift items and greeting cards, to complete office equipment packages for company start-ups or rebranding events. Of course, we are also happy to take care of goods collection, sample shipment, or a shipment directly to the event location for our customers.


Are you looking for a cost-effective way to store your range of advertising materials and still want to have access to them at short notice? We offer you flexible storage options with a personal contact person who guarantees the availability of your articles at all times. Save space, costs and time. Your advantage: favorable unit price due to high order quantities.

Debt collection

We are happy to invoice directly to your subsidiaries according to your wishes, or issue invoices to different cost centers according to your budget allocation. Pre-financing or splitting the invoices to different projects according to the budget is also possible.

Full service

As a full-service provider, we offer you the option of outsourcing individual components or the entire process relating to the procurement and logistics of advertising materials. In consultation with the customer, our offer includes advice on the selection of the appropriate advertising item, price research, purchasing and targeted advertising application, right through to dispatch and use by the target group – in short: service from a single source. Save time and reduce your effort when purchasing advertising materials. In most cases, the time and costs involved in a promotional product project are higher than planned due to the large number of necessary work steps and exceed the pure costs of the product. Do not tie up your own resources, but outsource this work. You benefit from our industry experience and keep control over the costs.

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