Haptic brand communication
for cross-media marketing

We love the haptic effect and its communicative and sales power. The results are objects and print products that make hands smile: Creative concepts for responsive dialog marketing, effective sales aids, amazing mailing boosters and likeable promotional items. For more attention, better recall, response and willingness to buy. Our range of services is modular – from production to full service. Twenty design and communication awards testify to what our customers love about us: Innovative ideas and attention to detail.

Welcome to the world of haptic effect

Activate, emotionalize & make comprehensable 
Haptic advertising media for cross-media dialog marketing, sales, trade fairs & events, internal communication and employer branding.
Tell your story and your mission with the help of creative concepts and reach your customers on a whole new level.

Original Zauberwürfel

In all its variations, a challenge to our intelligence and a timeless symbol of inventiveness and creativity. The authentic Rubik’s Cube. Always cool, always hip.

Magic Cube ® Faltwürfel

The original faltwerk Magic Cube® is a cube that always wins – attention and customers. First you can’t get it out of your hand, then you can’t get it out of your head.

Die #1 der Endloskarten

Have you ever made advertising that was loved? Dry water. Cold fire? Let us introduce: logoloop®, the award-winning continuous folding card.

Pop-Up Handyhalter

Time-spiritt item. The foldable cell phone holder made of recycled cardboard transforms any desk or kitchen table into mini cinema or video conference room.

Beflügelter Mailingverstärker

Simple the idea, enchanting the experience and amazing its effect. The butterfly effect up to 15% response.

Clevere Hapticals

Even more clever hapticals that encourage playful interaction and make messages tangible.

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In the fast lane to the brain

Our Touchmore® hapticals are well thought-out and successfully field-tested as sales aids, contact gifts, ad specials, mailing boosters and giveaways.

“Touchmore® delivered a highly efficient and convincing solution. The success of the direct mailing significantly exceeded our expectations: 25 percent of recipients registered on our homepage.”

Arndt Papenfuß
Head of Marketing, Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co KG



Cross-media marketing and haptic advertising media are the future in direct mailing

What does a good haptic effect do for promotional materials? The haptic experience is an additional access to the consumer’s brain that functions largely via the emotional level. Haptic advertising media therefore go far beyond the attention potential of purely visual advertising media. They generate emotions and therefore significantly higher response rates.

What do haptic advertising media do?

It is an experience that every man and woman can relate to: What you have touched, tried out, remains in your memory differently than everything you have seen. In this respect, haptic advertising media are the ideal way to stand out from all other advertising media. This works particularly well if there is also something surprising or humorous to discover. Both certainly apply to the Magic Flyer® from the touchmore® products. Here, a small mechanical butterfly flies out of the letter when the advertising mail is unfolded. The beauty of it is that you can “wind up” the butterfly again, repackage it, and surprise someone else with it. In other words, a direct mailing that not only combines surprise and humor, but is also passed on to good friends or work colleagues and thus remains in the memory for a long time. The advertising effect is multiplied by haptic advertising media, which combine so many effects.

What means crossmedia marketing?

Cross-media marketing originally refers to the approach of running advertising across different channels. This means, for example, coordinating advertising in print media with that on radio, television or the Internet. Our approach to cross-media marketing goes further and links different advertising channels directly with each other. For example, we supply cards from which you can pull out a small SD chip. This is a haptic experience that “sticks.” The SD card can then be inserted directly into a device with an appropriate card reader. In the laptop or tablet, the advertising message then starts directly on the screen. This is cross-media marketing with an upstream haptic effect. An impressive idea for a direct mailing that will be remembered by all customers.

How a good haptic effect attracts attention

Haptic advertising media from touchmore® encourage users to use them. faltwerk® and logoloop® become living picture shows in the hands of the users. These haptic advertising media are ideal advertising media for direct mailing. We probably all know about the haptic effect of the Rubik’s Cube® from our own experience of how well it works. The flixcard® turns cell phones into mini cinemas, is taken in hand again and again, and is kept carefully thanks to its outstanding quality. These are all characteristics of haptic advertising media that multiply the potential for recognition. Anyone who unpacks their flixcard® again and again to place their cell phone on it will also not forget the advertising positioned on it.

Prepare cross-media marketing with direct mailing

Haptic advertising media from direct mailings can be perfectly reused in other advertising channels. Anyone who has held one of the touchmore® advertising media in their hand will immediately recognize it on a video. The positive emotions from the haptic experience are immediately transferred to the image information. Cross-media marketing thus benefits from the emotionality of using haptic advertising media.

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