Finishing techniques

for your textiles

We can finish textiles using various techniques. The most common types of finishing are embroidery and printing, although laser engraving can also look really nice. The right choice of method depends on the material, intended use and requirements of the textiles. With your finished textile, people will first notice the logo. For this reason, this quality & visually appealing should be implemented. Let the different finishing techniques inspire you.

The noble

Textile embroidery

high longevity

Highest quality with every stitch – In embroidery, your motif is embroidered on the textiles with a suitable thread. Such embroideries are washable, colorfast and durable. Thus, they guarantee a high longevity. Once an embroidery file is configured, it can be used as often as desired, which also makes subsequent deliveries unproblematic and fast.

Textile embroidery WER GmbH

The reliable

Direct flocking

high-quality brilliance

Long-lasting and reliableFlocking is one of the most reliable finishing processes and is characterized by its durability. With this process, in which with the help of an applicator the flock fibers are shot onto the textile, simple motifs can be represented with a high-quality color coverage, brilliance and soft feel of the goods.

Direct flocking WER GmbH

The all-rounder

Transfer print

great color variety

Brilliant color resultsThe transfer printing process is ideal for displaying designs that have a high variety of colors and require photographic image quality. Here, the sublimation dyes are transferred by the action of heat into the textile.

Transfer printing WER GmbH

The offensive

Web patch

fashionable and individual

The fashionable upgradeAn economically viable and fashionable alternative to direct embroidery is the embroidered patch (also called badge, patch or emblem). This can be pre-produced in large quantities and applied to the desired textile on demand. This avoids repetitive set-up costs on the embroidery machine and greater expenditure of time.

Web Patch WER GmbH

The individual

Rubber patch

resistant beautiful

As individual as your company – patches do not always have to be made of fabric – they are also available as Rubber Patches made of a rubber-like PVC material (of course environmentally friendly soft PVC). These patches are particularly durable and resistant as well as waterproof and water-resistant. Convertible in any shape and color.

The filigree

Laser cutting

precise and subtle

Clean and crisplaserization refers to the process of burning the design directly into the textile using a laser beam. The outer material layer of the textile is burned off with the help of a special laser extremely precise, creating a high-quality tone-on-tone effect and the motif can be felt and experienced haptically through the recess.

Laser cutting textiles WER GmbH

The modernity

Zip tag

modern advertising medium

Woven or as Rubber variant – Small price, big effect: The extension of zippers offers the wearer a practical benefit through easier opening and closing. In addition, it simultaneously brings the user in contact with your company on a daily basis in a promotionally effective manner. In addition, the zip tag can be used as a team identifier, keychain, mailing insert or access tool for incentives.

Zip Tag WER GmbH

The unique

Neck label

Your own collection

Highest quality with every strokeYou want to have your own labels/labels in textiles? With your own labels, textiles can be individually marked or redesigned. Entirely according to your wishes and specifications, a textile product is created with little effort, which fits your brand and slogan. Relabeling creates a very high-quality, unique textile with its own branding even in small quantities.

Neck Label WER GmbH

The beauty


especially individual

Extraordinary Applications – Through the use of rhinestones, you have an insane number of options. Due to the fact that these are available in different colors, even quite convenient multicolored motifs can be created on your textiles. logos, names, motifs are convertible, also a combination of colorful rhinestones is possible.

Rhinestone finishingWER GmbH

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