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Teamwork is everything!

As different as the tasks and challenges are, so is our team. Individual advice, personal commitment and fast, uncomplicated service on an equal footing are therefore a matter of course for all our employees.
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Our Quality Promise

This is why you should work with us

We work hard every day to provide our customers with the best possible service and support. In doing so, we are committed to taking care of each other and reacting flexibly to circumstances and events, not only towards our customers, but also towards our employees, suppliers and, last but not least, our environment. Take a look at our corporate culture – 10 reasons why we in particular are the right partner for you

Sales team

Iwona Piekenbrock

Leitung Innendienst

Sandra Tamas

Verkauf Süd

Giuseppe Papa

Verkauf Senden

Michael Vedder

Verkauf Senden

Olaf Gerigk

Verkauf Senden

Sonja Rothe

Verkauf Senden

Judith Wacker

Verkauf Senden

Diana Weiß

Verkauf Senden

Tim Abramsen

Verkauf Senden

Full service team

Marc Fensterseifer – VP

Leitung Full-Service

Christopher Surmann

Projektleitung Onlineshops

Christin Wienecke


Dennis Spielberger


Britta Heimann


Sabine Fürstenberg


Melissa Röber


Lennard Strompen


Therese Gerding

Full-Service | Business Intelligence

Marie Erwig

Full-Service & E-Commerce

Purchase / Import

Marie Strompen

Leitung Einkauf & Import

Marie Erwig

Einkauf & Import


Alex Heinecke – CEO

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Marc Strickrodt – CFO

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Mirco Häßlich



Maike Ziermann

Leitung Buchhaltung

Adiaty Bedong


Wadim Mochow



Susanne Heinecke

Leitung Marketing & E-Commerce

Maxi Bielka

Grafik | Marketing

Tobias Diehl

E-Commerce | Onlinemarketing

Matthias Wassermann


Organisation / IT

Chr. v. d. Osten


Christian Erdmann

Business Intelligence

Logistics & textile finishing

Mario Wisse

Lager Leitung | Logistik

Michael Schrage

Lager | Logistik

Lukas Klaas

Lager | Logistik

Simone Friedrich

Lager | Logistik

Nicole Lübbers


Sabrina Blum


Devren Yildrim

Lager | Logistik

Andreas Dreier

Lager | Logistik

Galina Koch

Lager | Logistik

Sabine Mahmoudi

Lager | Logistik

Logistics Munich

Angelika Miscovik

Lager | Logistik München

Ruth Bucin

Lager | Logistik München