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A distinctive, cross-industry supplier network in various countries, allows the rapid article research and procurement of goods from overseas. Based on our many years of experience, we can quickly and carefully compare offers and determine the most suitable supplier based on your requirements. Quality samples guarantee a high degree of control and security before the start of production until the large order arrives on site.

Your benefits

The advantages of importing advertising materials are many. The often lower price is not always in the foreground. Far East production offers extensive customization options that go far beyond those of German production. Thereby, our customers are almost free in the design of shape, color and type of finishing.

This is made possible by a broad network of suppliers and producers in China, among other countries, which has been intensively built up in recent years. To further establish and test the quality, we are also on site for our customers during the year to ensure the quality of the articles through personal factory visits & production acceptance.

Our Checkfair App

Checkfair is a proprietary development of WER GmbH and helps product managers to easily and quickly collect product and supplier information at trade shows or other procurement opportunities. The solution consists of two parts: a mobile application to quickly collect key data and a web application to browse and sort the collected data..
Checkfair is designed to help the procurement team collect, store and share valuable procurement information. It not only helps buyers be more productive during trade shows, but also saves valuable time by organizing and storing collected data in the cloud, preventing them from having to manually re-enter all results after a show.

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