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This mail is guaranteed to arrive! Through individually designed mailings – whether by dialog mail or parcel post – we cater to your needs. The range of services extends from sweepstakes to mailings for customer education to mail that increases the awareness or image of your company. All sets are customized and put together according to your wishes and budget. You can rely on our experience and long-standing customers. A few impressions are provided by the gifts listed below, which we have already been allowed to produce.

Greetings from far away

Mallorca mailing

This is how you create proximity to the customer even from a distance! This postcard does not go to friends and family, but back to you, because it was combined with a competition. You generate attention and the customer takes part in a raffle – both sides benefit from this, plus: with creative dialog mailings you stand out from the crowd and remain in the memory.

Dolce Vita

Raffle mailing

It’s the passion that unites! This is particularly true of the Italian Vespa that is up for grabs in the competition opposite. It is the epitome of dolce vita. But even if you choose a different main prize, this competition is a jackpot for you and your customers or employees. It is the ideal way to connect with them and fulfill almost any wish.

Bon appétit

The recipe


There’s a lot of pepper in it! The 3-piece spice set is complemented by a recipe book, which immediately provides the appropriate ideas. The hollow frame cardboard box with individual inlay is not only suitable for spices, but much more. And best of all, you will also enjoy it thanks to the cost-effective, postage-optimized dimensions

365 days present

Calendar mailing

Here you are present twice! On the one hand, it stands on the desk or hangs on the wall all year round, so that your employees never forget an appointment. On the other hand, your customers always have your company logo in front of their eyes. And that’s exactly what creates valuable customer loyalty. Best of all: We offer all types of calendars – whether for the wall, for the table, the briefcase or the pocket.

All products and cardboard boxes you see on this page have been individually manufactured and worked out by our team, from the fixed idea at the beginning to the finished mailing stowed on the parcel trolley of the post office. We will check for you the optimal way of mailing, which can be, depending on the product and delivery conditions, the dialogue mail, a mailing by parcel or letter. This can be profitable for you even with smaller quantities. You will not be left alone with the design either: Our in-house agency WERA Design will be happy to assist you with graphic design and brainstorming.

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