Organic Bio-Circular

Bio-Circular & 100% natural

This innovative material development from Koziol consists of biocircular plastic and wood fibers. The circular plastic is obtained from recycled sunflower and rapeseed oil from industry and gastronomy. The oils are collected and converted into plastic in a special recycling process.

100% natural. The added biocircular wood fibers are obtained from trees that are left over from forest maintenance as well as from leftovers from paper production. All wood comes from European cultivation and is FSC® certified. The new material combines the positive properties of wood, such as insulating properties and naturalness, with the advantages of plastic, such as elasticity, lightness and individual colorability. The material is free of melamine, BPA and bamboo, of course food safe and fully recyclable.


Lunchbox set

Smart ToGo Set

For all who love Meal Prep: In these 3 beautiful boxes the meal stays fresh until consumption and even a cutlery set still finds room in it. With the lunch set PASCAL READY there is now the intelligent tableware to go. This is well thought out: all the enicel parts can be nested together for a perfect fit. Made in Germany, free of BPA, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and biocircularly produced.


Meals 2GO

Practical meal box

With CONNECT SEPAREE, the main course and side dishes are appetizingly separated and attractively arranged. The raised rim protects the contents well, yet the plate is flat enough for relaxed eating. Incl. transparent lid. The plates are sturdy and stackable, and the clever shape is worked out so that water can drain away easily during cleaning.


Snacks 2Go

Compact food storage boxes

Take me with you! CONNECT BOX keeps snacks and small meals fresh for a long time and is simply ideal for the healthy lunch to go. The compact keep-fresh boxes have a square base that gives them particular stability. Towards the top, they taper off into a circular shape, making them particularly easy to close. The lid closes tightly, so everything stays fresh and crisp and can be transported easily.


Cutlery set

3-piece compact wonder

Knife, fork, spoon – done. Finally, there is a reasonable to-go cutlery without frills and in a reasonable size. All parts of KLIKK can be put together and taken apart again without much guesswork. KLIKK can also be made from the new koziol Organic material with natural cellulose: environmentally friendly, food safe, 100% recyclable, absolutely free of harmful substances, without BPA.



With practical separator

Everything stays fresh! In the compact lunchbox sandwiches, snacks and fruit find a place and are always kept fresh and appetizing. Inside is a practical divider, so you can separate the food until consumption. The box has a clip closure, which closes it securely and reliably. The sturdy material remains beautiful for many years, so ARENA becomes an indispensable companion on any day.

Organic Bio-Circular – explained quickly & simply